This Tire...Can It Be Fixed?

October 5th, 2016

You come out to the parking lot after work and discover that a tire is completely flat. Bummer!Tire Repair in Mendota CA

Can that tire be repaired? Maybe.

First off, often a tire that blows out at highway speed can’t be repaired. More often than not, when a tire fails at 50 mph or more, it will be shredded beyond repair by the time you slow down and get to the shoulder. Even if it doesn’t shred, the internal damage to the tire may be too catastrophic to make repair possible.

In the case of a slow leak, though, your chances are better. If the leak came from a nail or other piece of debris, the tire can usually be patched from inside using rubber patches and cement, providing the hole is less than ¼” in diameter. That is, providing there’s been no damage to the tire’s belts or internal structure.

If the puncture is close to the shoulder or through the sidewall, however, you’re going to be looking at purchasing a new tire. There’s just no effective way to repair this kind of damage to any tire.

More often than not, a tire that’s been repaired is going to be running on borrowed time. That repair is going to be a weak spot from that point on, and you might as well figure on replacing that tire sooner rather than later. At Ramon’s Tire & Service in Mendota, CA, we perform repairs on all sorts of damaged tires…and we also carry tires from premium brands like Firestone, Goodyear, BF Goodrich and many more. an appointment with us today!  

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