Doing It Yourself? Avoid These Blunders!

November 19th, 2016

There was a time when a vehicle owner could perform all sorts of DIY repairs on a car without too much worry of things going wrong. Today’s vehicles, however, Auto Repair in Mendota CA make it much harder to do lots of things without quickly getting over one’s head. If you’re determined to still do things yourself, though, these tips can help you get through the repair job unscathed:

--Be careful where you put that jack. If you’ve got to get the vehicle off the ground, whether it’s in your garage or at the side of the road, there are jack points that are designated by the manufacturer. Jacking in a different spot can damage the vehicle or the body work, and can be extremely risky. If you’ve got to get underneath the vehicle, make sure you use jackstands to securely hold it in place before you crawl under!

--Be sure of what fluids you’re putting in. A generation ago, there were only two or three types of transmission fluid; today, manufacturers often use their own specific fluids, specially designed for their friction properties. Using the wrong fluid can damage or even destroy a transmission in a very short time.

--If you take anything apart, don’t just keep track of the parts…label them. You can put connectors for each assembly in separate plastic bags, draw diagrams, use your smartphone to take a picture before the job starts or however you can make it work. Just don’t find yourself stuck with extra parts and thinking “I wonder where this was supposed to go…”

--Get the right tools. The clearances under the hood of a newer vehicle can be extremely tight, meaning you’ll need very long extensions, swivel joints and other specialized tools to reach many of them. Don’t just think you can go in there with a crescent wrench and a socket set and everything will be fine – the right tools can mean the difference between success and failure, or can at least save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Our advice, at Ramon’s Tire and Auto Service? Let us do it. We know what we’re doing, we’ll do it right and we’ll make sure you’re happy…make an appointment with us today!                         

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